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Hookstown, PA

September 29 and 30, 2023


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1/2 Car Race

1st: Mark Spangler

2nd: Dave Cefaratti

3rd: Jesse Cipra

4th: Joe Boyle

5th: Porc Dickey

6th: Jen Boyle

Rough Truck

1st: Mike Cunningham Jr

2nd: Mike Cunningham Sr

3rd: Mike Cunningham Jr

Side By Side

1st: Wade Searight

2nd: Mario Alliotta

3rd: Tom Quasey

Figure 8

Keith Forrester

Long Jump

Wade Searight

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Demolition Derby

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Pro Stock Full Size

1st: Cody Haury - Medina, OH

2nd: Tyson Combs - Sullivan, OH

3rd: Sam Entrikin -

Street Stock Full-Size 

1st: Gary Zornes - N Lewisburg, OH

2nd: James Neubauer - Darlington, PA

3rd: Mat Thompson - N Lima, OH

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Youth Compact

1st: Andy Bordt - Sewickley, PA

2nd: Blake Bordt - Sewickley, PA

3rd: Bradley McAfee - Scio, OH

Stock Min-Van/Truck/SUV

1st: Serena Brandt - Beaver Falls, PA

2nd: Jon Dambaugh - Beaver Falls, PA

3rd: Nick Young - Conway, PA

Pro Stock Compact

1st: Dakota Metalik - Monaca, PA

2nd: Alex Kunzmann - Aliquippa, PA

3rd: Garrett Savage - Leetonia, OH

Pro Stock Compact

1st: Tyson Combs Jr - Sullivan, OH

2nd: Landen Dailey - Lisbon, OH

3rd: Brendon Mackall - E Liverpool, OH

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Street Stock Compact

1st: Derrick Martin - Lisbon, OH

2nd: Mike Smith - Industry, PA

3rd: Daniel Phillips - Salem, OH


1st: Dan Haught - Lisbon, OH

2nd: Jon Dambaugh - Beaver Falls, PA

3rd: Danielle Depelteau - Aliquippa, PA

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