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Battle at the Border VII
Crashtoberfest Off Road
Jefferson, OH

Crashtoberfest - 9/30/22

Rough Truck

1st: Dakota Papsun - Conneaut Lake, PA

2nd: Brandon Alberts - Mt Vernon, OH

3rd: Andy Richards - Madison, OH

Figure 8

1st: Mel Martin 

2nd: Jared Shipman

3rd: Austyn Richards

Half Car

1st: Dave Cefaratti

2nd: Joe Boyle

3rd: Porc Dickey

Demolition Derby - 10/1/22


1st: Chris Zurcher - Amherst, OH

2nd: Jerry Baird - Rome, OH

3rd: Austin Burkholder - Chardon, OH

4th: Austyn Richards - Madison, OH

5th: Chandler Mort - Brookfield, OH

Pro Stock Compact

1st: Dustin Lewis - Jefferson, OH

2nd: Jayden Stanfield - Wellington, OH

3rd: Collin Stewart - Dorset, OH

4th: Tony Smith Sr - Kingsville, OH

5th: Michael Sycz - Middlefield, OH

Street Stock Compact

1st: Tony Amicone - Ashtabula, OH

2nd: Bob Lewis - Dorset, OH

3rd: Rick Potter - Hartsgrove, OH

4th: Jerry Baird - Rome, OH

5th: Cody Mercer - Newport, VA

Motor Swap

1st: Mike DiFrischia - Adamsville, PA

2nd: Ed Bordt - Sewickley, PA

3rd: Scott Tatters - Harmonsburg, PA

4th: Marcus Hays - Venango, PA

5th: Thomas Dorsey - Cortland, OH

Stock Mini-Van/Truck/SUV

1st: Kyle Katusin - Louisville, OH

2nd: Jon Dambaugh - Beaver Falls, PA

3rd: Riannon Soltis - Mentor, OH

4th: Collin Stewart - Kingsville, OH

5th: Andy Richards - Madison, OH

Hobby Stock Truck

1st: Ted Kiskadden - Shipenville, PA

2nd: Jesse Cipra - Williamsfield, OH

3rd: Tyler Trumbull - Cygnet, OH

4th: Gregg Simmons - Jefferson, OH

5th: Mac Dickey - Linesville, PA

Street Stock Full-Size

1st: Rob Sharp - Chardon, OH

2nd: Bryan Sutton - Chardon, OH

3rd: Mike Schwentker - Andover, OH

4th: Ed Reynolds - Dorset, OH

5th: John Casbonin - Jefferson, OH

Youth Compact

1st: Brayden Gharky - Rootstown, OH

2nd: John Canter

3rd: Carson Delvalle - Ashtabula, OH

4th: Makenzie Granger - Warren, OH

5th: Rodney Clark - Williamsfield, OH

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